Turbo Coder is a set of digital ICD coding books that runs on Windows PCs and networks. They work as applications with their own built-in viewer, search and annotation functionality, and integrate with your fi les that you are working with and can interface with just a few clicks. This makes ICD coding seamless.

One of the highlights is that there is no more need to stop and pull books from shelves or open up another screen and log in somewhere. I loved the fact that I could simply highlight and drag and drop a word onto the Drag-on on your Desktop from outside the publication, or use the Search box with simple terms and it would begin to search for the code! It's fast and extremely easy-to-use.

This product is ideal for practices that are dependent on MRA scores and for various practices (think surgical) that code directly from operative notes. It is fantastic if you are doing the kind of work that needs a lot of ICD coding. A key feature to note is that any errata and/or addendums are easily updated because this is online - so no more paper everywhere on your desk!

For a practice that needs high MRA scores or any coder that does a lot of coding - especially from reports - this is a must have. This is a great time saver and awesome application that frees up space on your desk (think no more books!) and helps code effi ciently and easily.

Check out the four-minute demo on their website at www.turbocoder.net. There's no need to register so head on over and see how Turbo Coder can work for you!


Price: ICD-9-CM/1&2 - $99.95 ICD-9-CM/1,2&3 - $149.95 ICD-10-CM - $199.95 ICD- 10-CM/PCS - $249.95 HCPCS - $99.95

System requirements: Will operate on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Will require Windows to be installed on the MAC or a suitable Windows emulator.

Format: TurboCoder is available as a very fast download from the TurboCoder website (less than 8MB), and will be available from Contexo as a CD-ROM and download, and from PAHCS as a download.

Web site: www.TurboCoder.net

Review by: Merrilee Severino, CPC, CMM, CPM, NC